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The Something Life is a collaborative lifestyle website about life in downtown New York, geographically speaking. But really, The Something Life is so much more. Reflecting on and encompassing current day culture, this is a place for anyone who’s out there living life, pushing boundaries, discovering new things and exploring all the different corners of the earth.

Something us.

 Stephanie Rogers

Steph is the leading editor and storyteller at TSL. She moved to New York from Australia in 2015 for an adventure and something different. When she’s not telling stories or creating new ones, Steph works in digital marketing, enjoys vodka soda and getting piercings when life just seems too much. Her dad thinks she should move home.


Tessa has an eye for design and a flair for creativity and leads the art direction at TSL. Since moving to New York in 2015, Tessa is always on the hunt for something new and obscure to do. When she’s not spending time making TSL look good, Tessa works at a women's fashion label and creates potions from natural oils that make your skin glow for days.