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Parlez-vous français.

When a friend messages on Saturday afternoon saying that she has managed to get a reservation at Frenchette for that night, the answer to the question she hasn't even asked yet is, “Yes, I’ll come.”

At this buzzy spot in TriBeCa, reservations are almost impossible to get and the wait time for a table for walk-ins is obscene. But why do we even care, what makes this place so good? There are a million other restaurants that take reservations, some of which might even be better than Frenchette.

That, however, is the magic and allure of the New York City restaurant scene. Throw in a beautiful, romantic bistro that looks like it has been lifted from the scenes of a 1920s French film and a gorgeous menu curated by some famous Balthasar-alumni chefs and you have created a perfect storm to have people clamoring over each other for a table on any given night of the week.

The atmosphere is vibrant yet relaxed and service at Frenchette is un-intimidatingly classy. A seat in one of the large red booths makes you feel like you could sit there all night and work your way through the seemingly endless list of natural wines. And the cocktails, you’re going to want to try one (or more) of those.

Ok, now for the food. It’s French-ish so like everything else in this place the menu is approachable and cool. The ribeye is perfection, and there are a bunch of delicate salads to go on the side as well as the Gnocchi Parisienne stuffed with ham, comté, and parsley. There are rotating daily specials, and we grabbed a few things off that menu including the razor clams which were a standout.

Frenchette is the new place to go when you say don’t like a scene, but secretly do. Go with a group who appreciates great food and wine and wonder what else you’ve been doing with your Saturday nights before this.