By now you have probably had your summer fix of Rose all day and are desperate to mix things up a little. Well don’t despair, it’s time for the other ‘R’ wine of the summer - meet Riesling.

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This place does it all. Chic dinner spot? Definitely. Mouth-watering omakase option? You bet. Sexy downstairs bar for quiet conversation? Yes, Juku will provide.

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eat+drinkLISA LA BROOY
Boys Don't Cry

If you’ve taken anything away from the months of reading stories and recommendations from TSL, you know by now that we do like to take advantage of the plethora of bars and similar institutions in downtown NYC. In particular, you will know of our fondness for dive bars.

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Just over a year ago, downtown restaurateur Eddy Bucks opened Chinese Tuxedo on Doyers Street, deep in the heart of Chinatown. 

After some back and forth with Mayor Bill de Blasio or whoever hands out liquor licenses here in the city, Eddy is set to open up a cocktail bar, Peachy’s, underneath the restaurant.

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